Imagine, Explore your dream. Make it happen.

We started wondering what is really going on inside the middleware such as black box and we started expanding our thoughts. Our imagination went through the stars in the night sky and reached the universe. We draw our imagination beyond the universe.

sometimes dreams.

With a beautiful graph like the stars in the night sky,
Sometimes dynamically like a shooting star, More easily, beautifully, feel like wanting to use, If it is something you need always see it, what if it is fun? Wouldn’t it be better if it is slightly beautiful? We keep exploring dreams and make them happen.


Global SW Company

JenniferSoft has made its best efforts to establish sound relationships of trust with worldwide solution reselling partners and our customers. As a result, more than 1000 enterprises are currently using JenniferSoft’s JENNIFER® to manage their web performance.


Product philosophy

APM is a solution monitoring application performance for professionals. But it does not need to be heavy or too formal. You will experience much convenience and beauty from JENNIFER. We were imagining you using JENNIFER much easily and beautifully when we developed.


Corporate Culture

Based on work-life balance, autonomous environment, creativity and passion, we pursue the motto of healthy work and decent life. Jennifersoft is small but strong. Our history is short but sustainable. We might not be doing enough but we will fill the missing pieces.