Imagine, Explore your dream. Make it happen.

We started wondering what is really going on inside the middleware such as black box and we started expanding our thoughts. Our imagination went through the stars in the night sky and reached the universe. We draw our imagination beyond the universe.

sometimes dreams.

With a beautiful graph like the stars in the night sky,
Sometimes dynamically like a shooting star, More easily, beautifully, feel like wanting to use, If it is something you need always see it, what if it is fun? Wouldn’t it be better if it is slightly beautiful? We keep exploring dreams and make them happen.



Recruit Process

We do not have a plan for the recruitment in 2015. Once we decided to hiring a new employee, you will be able to see the recruitment notice on our webpage, company SNS, or recruit agency


E-mail :

Quite many asked about qualifications to apply

Anyone can apply to Jennifersoft?

Having a college degree or certificate is not what we look for. You do not need to graduate from a college or university to apply.

Then, what do we look for?

Although we do not consider your level of education, we do consider knowledge and capability you have to see if those are match with departments you applied. You do not need to take the TOEIC, but we will test your level of English. (it could be different depending on your applied jobs.)We do not consider how you look, but we look for your personality. You do not have to be smart, but we look for your intelligence.

What kinds of departments you have?

Jennifer consists of software development, technical support, sales, marketing, design, global business, and business support.

When will you hire new employees?

A company continues to grow up and develop itself just like an organic body. We will hire new employees when we need one.

Who could be an ideal applicant?

There is no such a thing like an ideal applicant. In particular, there is no guideline in our company such as minimum qualifications you need to apply. Only various “WE” exists in the world. If you are one of “WE” who love yourself, and you dedicate yourself to find what you really want, you are the one we would like to work with. If you are ready to experience all the things in the world through travel to find who you really are, you are always welcome to Jennifer.

For those making your dream come true

We hope that you find what you really love, what kinds of person you would like to be rather than looking for just a job in any company. There is only limited way of actually looking for what you like, reading a book could be one of best ways to find one. By continuously asking yourself, and learn from questions, your knowledge will go deeper. Ultimately, you will find that there are many things you can do in the world.

We always cheer for your success.