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40 trial days with technical support.


Why does Accenture Singapore choose JENNIFER?

Would you simply introduce yourself and your designation? 

My name is Desmond Wong. I am a Managing Director and Project Delivery Lead for Accenture Singapore.

JENNIFER has the real time monitoring and rich profiling functions which do not exist in other products in the market. 

Desmond Wong – Senior Manager / Technology Consulting, Singapore

Why did Accenture Singapore select the Jennifer Tool as the APM product for your project? 

The main reason is that JENNIFER has the real time monitoring and rich profiling functions which do not exist in other products in the market. 
Intuitively, we can recognize happening of low performance transactions and which application code or system component caused the performance degradation by using real time transaction profiles. 
We can share these profiles with developers to fix or improve the applications in time to meet the project deadline without outstanding performance issues. We value the JENNIER’s contribution to the whole project success.

How has Jennifer helped contribute to a successful project?

Before Jennifer was introduced to the project, we all knew there was a problem with the application performance, but the uncertainty of where the problem was and how we should handle it was what worried the project team the most. 
As the service launching date approached, the results for the performance tests continuously did not meet the SLA requirements. We tried various ways to overcome these problems without success. (we tried implementing various techniques to overcome these problems, but none gave us the results that we wanted)
With the introduction of Jennifer to the project, each of the problems got categorized into cases and were resolved with the developments team one by one, so that we could finally obtain our desired SLA and successfully launch our service.

What feature of Jennifer was the most impressive?

the X-view was the most impressive feature of Jennifer. Not much expertise is required to use X-view that provides detailed profiling information during the end of the transaction. One can simply drag the problematic transaction and location to check, allowing all project members to easily use the features and improve the application performance. 

What are the ratings of the Jennifer support service like?

In the process of selecting Jennifer as the APM, the ability to support the products was an important consideration. From the JenniferSoft HQ’s strategic support, the fast and direct support service and the ability to quickly implement the customer’s needed features helped lead to a successful project.
Especially, the requirement of real time CICS transaction monitoring (performance matrix and MIPS measurement) is a case of skillful technical support worth remembering.

From now on what is the project platform that Accenture Singapore is interested in and do you think Jennifer can continuously help?

There are more and more current services migrating to the Azure platform and new services being developed. Accenture Singapore is preparing to do so as well. As it is a project on the new cloud platform, we are keeping a close eye on the performance management. Jennifer already supports the Azure platform and the competitive strengths compared with other Azure performance management tools are proven through user experiences. We are planning to use Jennifer for the new Azure projects for Singapore projects. 

As Jennifer APM product was quite unfamiliar to the Singapore market, was there an issue to select JENNIFER?

As Jennifer is a relatively new product in the market, many people would not be familiar with the tool. However, through POCs that were conducted with our client, we managed to successfully demonstrate the use case and value that it could offer to our customers. With this, as more people start using Jennifer and the increase in adoption would allow Jennifer to be more widely used by customers. 

If other projects are facing difficulties during project execution or service operation due to performance issues, are you still willing to confidently recommend Jennifer as an APM product?

Yes. We have already recommended the use of Jennifer for Accenture Singapore projects, especially clients or projects that face similar application performance issues or wish to enhance their monitoring capabilities. 


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