JenniferSoft exhibited at Java SunTech Days

JenniferSoft exhibited at Java SunTech Days, from Oct 15 to Oct 17 in Lotte Hotel, Seoul. SunTech Days is the conference of the Java world held by Sun Microsystems.


Through this event, JenniferSoft promoted again the brand image of JENNIFER as a APM leader cheered worldwide and Korean Java developers and enterprise Java engineers.

Come meet us in the conference to learn more about our newly upgraded APM solution, JENNIFER and launched 3D dynamic interface, ECCLUS. JenniferSoft’s JENNIFER currently holds rank #1 in Korean APM solution market, overtaking other competitors. Since its inception in 2005, JenniferSoft has deployed JENNIFER in 227 customer sites to date in finance, government, manufacturing, retail, IT and telecommunication industry.

JenniferSoft also attended the 2007/2008 JavaOne conference in San Francisco and JAVA SUNTECH DAYS 2007 in Tokyo.