License Key

License Key

Free Trial License Request and Download

JenniferSoft provides the application performance monitoring software, JENNIFER, as a trial version for two weeks. You can enjoy the free trial APM software, JENNIFER trial version, which doesn’t have any limitation in terms of function compared to JENNIFER commercial version. Please follow the link below to try JENNIFER APM software free!

STEP 1. Trial License Key Request

If you don’t have a JENNIFER license key, please request the license using the following request menu. If you already have the license key, please download JENNIFER in Step 3.

STEP 2. License key Issue

A license administrator issues the JENNIFER trial license key in 24 hours via e-mail.

STEP 3. Download

You can download free APM software, JENNIFER Trial version, only when you accept the USER LICENSE AGREEMENT. After downloading, we provide initial technical support.

STEP 4. Installation & Monitoring

We guarantee that JENNIFER will enhance your web system performance through practical application performance monitoring.

If you have any other inquiries, comments, or suggestions about JENNIFER application performance monitoring tool, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

About License key Issue

sales@jennifersoft.com, 070-7006-9955

Christopher Shin: +82 70 9006 9955, +82 10 2584 2393 chris@jennifersoft.com

Technical Support

support@jennifersoft.com, 070-7006-9944

Khalid E.K. Saeed: +82 70 9006 9955, +82 10 2584 2393 khalid@jennifersoft.com


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