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Real-time Transaction

JENNIFER traces all of transactions processing from request entry to exit of web application server in real-time. JENNIFER shows colored transaction bar according to elapsed time of transaction being processed. This is an indicator that if your web application server has slow transactions or not in real-time.

Real-time Event Alerts

JENNIFER catches abnormal application transaction event like the transactions of bad response time, transaction error/ exception and Bad SQL statement, etc and alerts in real-time.

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According to the level of severity defined, the real-time visual alert shows up and make it easy for the user to recognize what happened.

Alert is sent in many different ways, message board, slack, e-mail, and SMS etc.

Real-time Data Analytics

JENNIFER5 Real-time Dashboard Screenshot

Active Service Data Analytics

Real-Time stacktrace dump of JENNIFER helps you to pinpoint abnormal method behavior in process of transactions inside application server.

X-View Data Analytics

Begin to analyze in real-time. You don’t have to wait any longer to analyze transactions after requests are finished. X-View Data Analytics Take a look at ‘X’ dots of upper area on X-View, and drag. ‘X’ includes all of details of each transaction to analyze as soon as transaction is done.

Real-time Trouble Control

Real-time trouble Control features of JENNIFER guarantees the stable web system running in unexpected disaster situations.

JENNIFER5 PLC Concept Image PLC determines what transactions in or drop by business priority.


You could control the level of service load through a user-defined threshold. The feature would prevent the possibility of shutting down your entire system due to an unexpected explosion of the transactions (for instance, course application at school, ticket reservation service or events at the shopping mall.)

JENNIFER5 AutoRun Concept Image JENNIFER AutoRun


AutoRun take emergency measures even if the administrator is away. Autorun feature runs pre-defined command when the web system gets into trouble.

Supported Platforms


JENNIFER for JAVA is an APM software tool used to monitor and analyze the performance of enterprise applications throughout their life-cycle(development, test, launch, production, and maintenance).

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JENNIFER for .NET provides total .NET performance monitoring of in real-time, ensuring application stability and troubleshooting application error/exceptions as soon as they occur.

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JENNIFER for PHP is a Smart Application Performance Management solution for intelligent monitoring and performance optimization of complex application services running on PHP.

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JENNIFER for Python can monitor transactions in real-time, collect profile of HTTP calls and DB query time, and analyize the performance of Python web applications.

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