for IBM Mainframe Java

JENNIFER supports appllication monitoring for Java for z/OS,
Liberty Profile, z/OS connect and CICS Liberty.

IBM Java for z/OS

JENNIFER has supported
IBM JDK for z/OS for 15 years.


  • IBM JDK for z/OS
  • IBM WebSphere for z/OS
  • CICS Liberty
  • Standalone Java Applications


  • JENNIFER provides real-time monitoring for all Java applications on z/OS
  • HTTP(s) monitoring in WebSphere, Liberty and z/OS Connect
  • Link to Liberty monitoring in CICS Liberty
  • DB2 JDBC SQL statement monitoring in Java applications
  • JMS monitoring for MQ for z/OS
  • z/OS File I/O performance measurement
  • Dynamic definition of application starting point to capture a Java transaction from use
IBM WebSphere on z/OS family

HTTP/API real-time monitoring with
external call details

WebSphere for z/OS
Liberty for z/OS and z/OS Connect

If you register external calls, then you can see them in profiles as external services.
It could be most types of mainframe resources inside of your web applications.

CICS Liberty Profile

CICS Liberty Support:
Real-time Java Application monitoring

JDBC DB2 SQL in CICS Liberty
How does JENNIFER measure the CICS performance of Java Applications

CICS Support – How to get CICS performance data of Java?

JENNIFER Agent and CICS Monitoring program collect CICS performance data and return such data to the JENNIFER server.
CICS option can be tuned on and off dynamically and the performance information is slightly different from the CICS monitoring record because it can’t get the data after a CICS transaction end.

CICS Java Performance Data Processing
JENNIFER Advanced Option for CICS
CICS Performance Data for Java
Automatic monitoring of Link to Liberty

Jennifer can monitor the CICS “Link to Liberty” call automatically. If a COBOL program link a Java program in CICS Liberty, the details of the Java functions can be shown in performance record with CICS program name, annotated Java method and selected methods in profile information by using dynamic profiling.

One time definition to register CICS Proxy interface
Annotated Method for CICS Program &
Dynamic Method Profiling for the CICS task method
How does JENNIFER support CICS Java Applications?

CICS Liberty – support case

  • HTTP to CICS Liberty
  • Java Batch Job Monitoring
  • Register Java starting class/method in JENNIFER
  • COBOL to Java Link
  • MQ JMS Monitoring
  • Integrated Monitoring between CICS Liberty and WebSphere Portal
End to End Monitoring
for Mainframe Modernization by JENNIFER

JENNIFER Agent can:

  • Monitor Java/.Net components in all platforms including IBM Mainframe.
  • Recognize the M/F components like CICS resource names by monitoring external interfaces in IBM JVMs.
  • Show the flows in the configurable JENNIFER dashboard.
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