.NET Monitoring

Since the .NET framework was launched in 1999, Microsoft platforms expanded greatly, from client technologies to enterprise environments. In conventional client environments, debuggers and specialist profilers were the only tools for solving performance issues. Enterprise environments and the performance of complex interconnected systems were beyond their capabilities.

JENNIFER provides operational system monitoring with minimal overhead. You get detailed, in-depth information on every transaction and about all areas of your infrastructure. JENNIFER detects problems that stem from database activity, and provides efficient processes to solve the root causes. It can take you to particular problem lines of code with just one click.

JENNIFER for .NET monitors applications based on the Microsoft .NET 2.0 framework. Using HTML 5, it provides dashboards that enable effective analysis of application profile data from various perspectives. JENNIFER for .NET helps users to make rapid and well-informed decisions about performance problems in operational systems.


JENNIFER agent runs in a Java (Web application server), .NET or PHP environment, and transmits monitoring data to a data server. The data server stores data and makes it available to a view server. The view server requests data for display on screen through the user’s browser. Users can monitor data collected by JENNIFER via their browsers.


Major Functions of JENNIFER for .NET

  • Real-time integrated service monitoring
  • Monitoring of web components / .NET COM+
  • Immediate performance failure analysis and handling
  • Execution tracing and tuning from application perspectives
  • Tracing and extended monitoring of external transaction interfaces

JENNIFER Supported Platforms

Platforms supported by JENNIFER are as follows.


Operating Systems​: Windows Server 2003 or later (x86 and x64 included)

Web Server: IIS 6.0 or later

.NET Framework: .NET Framework 2.0 or later

Supported DB: Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, DB2


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