PHP Monitoring

JENNIFER for PHP can monitor, in real time and with minimal overhead, operational systems running in PHP environments.

It provides HTML 5 dashboards that give you various perspectives from which to analyze application profile data.

JENNIFER offers precise and comprehensive information about every transaction and all aspects of your infrastructure. It detects performance issues, identifies root causes with a single click – even down to particular code lines – and provides efficient means of handling performance failures in PHP web applications.

PHP is the most frequently used Web server scripting language. In the past, PHP was only thought to be suitable for small and medium-sized sites, but now it is widely used in enterprise environments, thanks to frameworks such as CodeIgniter and CakePHP, flexible PHP platforms for the Web such as WordPress, Drupal, and versatile external extensions. While there have been tools for debugging and profiling of PHP services for a while, it was previously difficult to find tools that genuinely enable fault diagnosis. So, enterprise users of PHP will welcome JENNIFER for PHP. It allows you not only to monitor the performance of PHP Web environments but also to analyze and find the root causes of faults.


JENNIFER agent runs in a Java (Web application server), .NET or PHP environment, and transmits monitoring data to a data server. The data server stores data and makes it available to a view server. The view server requests data for display on screen through the user’s browser. Users can monitor data collected by JENNIFER via their browsers.


Major Functions of JENNIFER for PHP

    • Real-time monitoring of loads and services

    • Fault diagnosis and analysis of causes of performance degradation bottlenecks

    • Response time distribution of all transactions (X-View)

    • Detailed profiling of individual transactions

    • Service and SQL performance tracing

    • Service failure detection and analysis

    • Intelligent load control during service congestion

    • Menu and screen configuration for each level of user

    • System and resource monitoring

    • User-defined statistical analysis reports based on templates

  • Automatic profiling of functions whose execution time exceeds a specified limit

JENNIFER Supported Platforms

Platforms supported by JENNIFER are as follows.


Operating Systems: Linux kernel version 2.6.8 or later

Application Server :Apache 2, Any Server that can run with PHP-FPM, PHP Built-in Web server

PHP Version: Apache module and PHP-FPM module, 5.2 ~ 7.3

GNU Version: 2.5 or later

Supported DB: MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Maria DB


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