Welcome to JENNIFER Support Center.

Technical Support

Jennifersoft fully supports technical maintenance to prevent you from experiencing any inconvenience. Please see how we handle your technical issues like below. You will get the technical support swiftly, but properly.

JENNIFER University
Multilanguage Customer Service

Subject | JENNIFER customers and potential customers using trial version

Contact | marketing@jennifersoft.com

What we provide | User’s Guide, Installation Guide, Release Notes, etc.

Online and Call Consulting Service

Subject | JENNIFER customers and potential customers using trial version

Contact | tech@jennifersoft.com

What we provide|Online Q&A board on the website and call counseling service

On-site Visit

Subject | JENNIFER License Owner

Contact| Khalid E.K. Saeed, khalid@jennifersoft.com

What we provide| Onsite visitation for installation and consultation

Remote Support Tool

Subject|Every user who adopted JENNIFER overseas customers

Contact|Khalid E.K. Saeed khalid@jennifersoft.com

What we provide|Remote connect service for urgent support request

JenniferSoft pledges to provide our customers with the highest level of professional services. JenniferSoft provides online technical support and consultation to our clients via phone, email, and instant messaging during business hours, and we offer a wide range of information through online resources such as Q&A, FAQ, and Tech Note during our non-business hours.

Register for Technical Support

We encourage you to register with our technical support team to receive fast and convenient technical support through our website. Input your contact information, your system environment information, and a description of the problem you are experiencing regarding your JENNIFER installation.

R&D Support Center in S. Korea

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9 AM through 5PM KST

    Nomin Park: nomin@jennifersoft.com, tech@jennifersoft.com, Tel: +82 70 7006 9943 Regional Support Center in S. korea

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9 AM through 5 PM PST/PDT

    Khalid E.K. Saeed : khalid@jennifersoft.com, tech@jennifersoft.com, Tel: +1 408 946 5508 Regional Support Center in Europe

  • Hours of Operation: Monday to Friday, 9 AM through 5PM PST CET

    Leopold Singer: Leo@jennifersoft.com, tech@jennifersoft.com, Tel: +43(0)1 796 381088

Remote Support

Welcome to JENNIFER Remote Support Center.

JenniferSoft provides timely and effective customer/technical support to our customers by routing customers’ issues directly to our engineers via support portal.JENNIFER customers can receive advanced technical support services such as installation, configuration, troubleshooting of performance issues & application performance via internet connection using JENNIFER Remote Technical Support Center.

Please follow the instructions below regarding requesting and receiving remote support from our engineers

Caution! Remote support is available for customers who have purchased “JENNIFER License” or overseas customers only. If you have not purchased the license from us, please contact our sales or technical support department and get a prior confirmation before using the service.

To get started with your Remote Technical Support, call Lead Technical Support Engineer: +82-70-7006-9945, khalid@jennifersoft.com, Global Support Contact Telephone

Asia: Tel. +81 70 7006 9943, Fax +81 31 8071 6901`2 Europe: Tel. +43(0)1 796 38108


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Lead Technical Support Engineer: +82-70-7006-9945, khalid@jennifersoft.com



Input your login name and email address, then press “Confirm” button.

Once connection is established, please describe the problem to our support engineer and proceed with the support session.