10 Reasons to use JENNIFER

Jennifersoft has concentrated on coming up with a software by putting every resources from developing Web Application Management. The product would include the industry’s first technology such as monitoring on individual transactions in real-time. By working side by side with end-users, we are learning more about continuously evolving IT environment and application development trend. By doing so, we believe that Jennifersoft would launch what customers really need. we have been told by our customers that ‘JENNIFER is practical software’.

  • JENNIFER is a reliable solution package as it has been widely used by over 1,000 clients across the world since the year of 2005.
  • JEENIFER allows you to monitor what is really happening inside the middleware such as Black box with minimum load.
  • JENNIFER conducts True Real-Time monitoring on entire transactions.
  • It is easy and convenient to use JENNIFER under cloud environment.
  • JENNIFER allows you to seamlessly monitor large amounts of transaction.
  • Thanks to its intuitive dashboard and UI/UX, JENNIFER allows anyone to easily conduct monitoring.
  • JENNIFER provides professional analysis features that are required for performance management. You are able to utilize every data collected from JENNIFER in your own way.
  • JENNIFER enhances user convenience by providing various reports, web manual, and dashboard by individual user.
  • JENNIFER owns the source technology on Active Service, X-View, JENNIFER DB (Repository)that are core technology for initiating APM.
  • JENNIFER provides the Peak Load Control(PLC) that would maintain the current level of service when unexpected amounts of load occurred.


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