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Real value of APM by JenniferSoft (2)

Which APM you should invest?

There is no doubt that APM area far exceeded expectation. It is a proven fact that APM has widely been used in different sectors. It is not clear yet that which APM solution is suitable. There is too much information about how to access or how to deal with the solution. It is necessary to go through the previous trends of APM to choose the right one for each company.

There was a dispute over the scope of APM’s role around 2010. In particular, IT companies were divided into two groups. One with WAS performance monitoring, and the other with End to End (BTM, EUM) monitoring. Companies have different opinions over ‘Which’ application, ‘Where’ and ‘how’ to manage.

The dispute has not been over yet. As the growth of WAS and APM has been strong, however, more companies choose the APM. Because if a solution monitors and controls the entire business transaction, it would need conduct massive volume of customization and maintenance. For this reason, such solution is limited to a certain business, such as SI business.

Highly stable product

Needless to say, stability is the most important factor for APM. By its nature, APM operates together with WAS that is responsible for the core part of web service. Therefore, monitoring technology with minimizing the influence on WAS is the most important and mission critical matter. If a solution was not tested under various environments, it would cost additional expense or need extra tests when actually applying the solution.

Product with real-time monitoring

By adopting the APM, a company expects to identify and solve the problem as quickly as possible. To meet such expectation, it is important to find what caused the delay by monitoring service in use, and to find the problem as soon as it occurs by monitoring performance data in seconds.

Package product allowing users to upgrade on a regular basis

APM solution needs to be enhanced and developed through continuous upgrade. It would be difficult to upgrade through continuous technical development if the direction of development differs by client’s environment. Clients expect to monitor continuously with single investment. If they need to add SI, however, continuous investment is required. As a result, they will not be able to turn around ROI.

If a solution needs to add SI, it would cost extra expense if a new service is launched. A package product, however, does not cost additional expense. It would continue to pro- vide upgrading features.

Immediately identify problems by intuitive UI/UX

Although APM becomes important, it has been recognized as difficult to use. It would be much beneficial for companies if APM became easy to handle. JENNIFER dashboard has been widely used in numerous control towers thanks to its intuitive, dynamic expression on current status. It allows users to find and solve the problem as quickly as possible. Meanwhile, JenniferSoft is implementing an open source project called ‘JUI’ to enhance the feature of UI/US.

Easy to control and integrated monitoring

Companies or organizations are rushing to apply the web application to their business. Among the clients of JenniferSoft, quite many of them installed over 1,000 instances. Immense workload will be accompanied if a company needs to do every single detail of APM including installation, upgrade, setting, and checking the log. It is required to integrate, manage, and monitor tons of servers at once.

Powerful analysis

A technology collecting data for monitoring, the core principle of APM solution, is not different from 10 years ago. As application environment continues to evolve, it becomes much complicated. The performance analysis of the application requires expertise and further research on a regular basis. It is important to choose the right APM. The solution is required to equip with analysis feature that would actually solve the problem from the insight of application performance.

It is just begging to see the spread of web service.            

Business is becoming much digitalized. It is just beginning to see the destructive trend such as mobile and cloud. IoT will definitely create totally new service. As the transaction of web application is increasing, and is being complicated, it is time for companies to assure the performance of their core application, and to secure its extendibility and responsiveness. I hope you would find the real value of APM that is transformed from ‘a good if you have one’ to ‘must have one.’


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