JENNIFER Supported Platforms

JENNIFER is able to conduct real-time monitoring with minimum load under various platforms such as Java, .Net and PHP.)

Java Monitoring

JENNIFER?(JENNIFER)for Java?? ? is an APM software tool used to monitor and analyze the performance of enterprise applications throughout their life-cycle(development, test, launch, production, and maintenance).


.NET Monitoring

JENNIFER for.NET provides total .NET performance monitoring of in real-time, ensuring application stability and troubleshooting application error/exceptions as soon as they occur.


PHP Monitoring

JENNIFER? for PHP? is a Smart Application Performance Management solution for intelligent monitoring and performance optimization of complex application services running on PHP.


Interesting Functions of JENNIFER

APM should be able to identify the performance status of real-time system and reinforce the performance error management and analysis.

Individual Transaction Monitoring

X-View allows users to monitor the entire transactions at once, and anyone can identify which part caused delay through the Smart Profiling.

True Real-time Monitoring

You can monitor the status of on-going Active Service and stack in real-time. In addition, all the performance data (metrics) could be analyzed in seconds.

Real-time Dashboard & Topology View

Users working at different departments could choose dashboard they need and they can monitor the connected parts with web service in real-time through the Topology View.

Support Cloud

JENNIFER supports the Auto Scaling under the Cloud environment, and you will be able to conduct integrated monitoring on large capacity service based on expandable architecture.

JENNIFER Customers

JENNIFER has been widely used in various industries.

Ever since we built the monitoring system, we have been able to identify what caused an error in timely manner. Thanks to JENNIFER, our system has become much stable. In addition, the statistic information provided by JENNIFER is quite useful for our marketing activity.

APM CASE 1   Stable Operation & Marketing Insight

our company were able to spend less time on monitoring task thanks to the integrated monitoring by service and real-time error alert/notice feature. As a result, the system administrators could focus on much productive tasks.

APM CASE 2   Lower the burden of system administrator

When we were not having the Application monitoring system, we were not able to respond to errors in time. Ever since we adopted the JENNIFER, however, all those problems were gone.

APM CASE 3   Enhance the responding speed


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