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Real-time Transaction

JENNIFER traces indivisual transaction as soon as user’s request comes into web application server.

Event Alert

JENNIFER detects all of errors/ exceptions of application in real time that affect user satisfaction, and send an alert in all the way.

Data Analysis

JENNIFER saves and makes statistics on all of the transactions monitored in real time. You can start data analytics as soon as transactions are finished.

Trouble Control

When applications are getting into trouble without an administrator, JENNIFER’s self-control keeps web applications running.

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Supported Platforms


JENNIFER for JAVA is an APM software tool used to monitor and analyze the performance of enterprise applications throughout their life-cycle(development, test, launch, production, and maintenance).

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JENNIFER for .NET provides total .NET performance monitoring of in real-time, ensuring application stability and troubleshooting application error/exceptions as soon as they occur.

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JENNIFER for PHP is a Smart Application Performance Management solution for intelligent monitoring and performance optimization of complex application services running on PHP.

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JENNIFER for Python can monitor transactions in real-time, collect profile of HTTP calls and DB query time, and analyize the performance of Python web applications.

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