JENNIFER monitors IBM Z JVM and CICS Liberty with the transaction-level performance information

What is CICS Liberty?

Liberty is a modular implementation (or profile) of WebSphere Application Server technology.

It is intended to provide a lighter weight and more dynamic runtime than the classic WebSphere Application Server runtime.

With Liberty in IBM CICS in z/OS, you can develop Java EE web applications in an integrated development environment (IDE) and then deploy them to CICS.

This allows Java web developers to participate in developing, extending, and updating business applications for CICS

An inherent benefit of running your Java EE web applications in a Liberty Java virtual machine (JVM) Server in CICS is the simplicity and speed of accessing CICS resources. A request from a web client enters Liberty and runs on a Java thread just like on any Java EE web server.

However, the Liberty server is running within a JVM server in CICS. This results in the Java thread being integrated with CICS in such a way that the request also runs as a CICS transaction

CICS Liberty Environment

Monitoring and Analysis with JENNIFER

Performance Monitoring of Java application in CICS

JENNIFER provides the Java Performance Information and the Traditional CICS Performance Information in real-time.


  • Response time and suspend time
  • JVM Performance information
  • Transaction Profile: SQL, File, and CICS API Count

GP(General Processor/General CPU) is the main CPU of mainframe to process the traditional applications.

zIIP ( IBM z Systems Integrated Information Processor ) is a cost-effective and dedicated processor designed to operate asynchronously with the general processors in a mainframe to process new workloads like Java workload.

Java Application in the mainframe is using the zIIP, together with GP to initialize jobs, control I/O interrupts, control user interaction with the operating system, etc.

Event alert based on the threshold

JENNIFER catches abnormal application transaction events like the transactions of bad response time, transaction error/ exception and Bad SQL statement, etc, and alerts in real-time.

JENNIFER Event Rule Setup

Analysis of Java application in CICS

JENNIFER provides GP / zIIP  Usage Statistics.

CICS Java Transaction CPU Time

JENNIFER provides CICS Performance Information which is Response Time, CPU Time,  Java Performance, and Application Processing Information such as DB2 SQL count, VSAM file Access information and CICS API count, etc.

CICS Java Transaction Performance Info

JENNIFER provides Application Status during the specific time period.

CICS Java Monitoring Statistics

Regular Report Generation

JENNIFER can generate various regular reports automatically.

CICS Java Transaction Report Sample

How to get CICS performance data?

JENNIFER Agent and CICS Monitoring program collect CICS performance data and return such data to the JENNIFER server.

CICS Java Performance Data Processing

*JENNIFER’s Performance Information is slightly different from the CICS monitoring record in SMF due to a timing difference of capturing monitoring data.

JENNIFER Advanced Option for CICS

Supported Components for JENNIFER Monitoring

  • HTTP API to CICS Liberty
  • COBOL Link to Java
  • Registered Java Classes
  • MQ JMS Provider
  • Java Batch Job
  • Transaction Flows between CICS Liberty and WebSphere Portal
Liberty Monitoring Case with JENNIFER for a CICS user


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