JenniferSoft consistently dominates Korean APM market

JenniferSoft consistently dominates Korean APM market.

A Korean domestic solution developer will dominate APM market again in this year. Last year, Jennifersoft occupied more than 50% of Korean APM market and recorded ₩4 billion of sales.

Currently, Jennifersoft expects this year’s sales will grow by ₩6 billion and will solidify its foundation in AMP market. Jennifersoft blows away other foreign developers such as CA and Symantec through its APM solution ‘Jennifer’ and has started progressively engage in the business for the APM market which amount to ₩10 billion.

In 2005, Jennifersoft has emerged in Korean APM market which already dominated by foreign global companies as it has secured about 80 clients. It holds the largest market share buy focusing on financial and public service sectors. Major Korean banks; KB bank, IBK bank and bank of Korea and public organizations; National Statistical Office and KORAIL (Korea railroad corporation) are major clients for Jennifersoft. In this year, Jennifersoft will focus on SMB market as APM market has expanded. It confidently expects that its sales will grow through its global strategy because Jennifersoft established a branch office in Japan and America.

13th Feb, 2007 Source: