2020 APM 1st place, JENNIFER

The daily grid has announced app performance management market analysis and forecasts reports for the year 2020.

According to this year’s report, JenniferSoft occupies the market share of 65%, maintaining the top position as the market leader for the 16 years in a row. Also, in the public sector, JenniferSoft had very good results and continues to grow steadily in the financial sector as well.

New license sales by WAS APM vendor in 2020 (Based on market sales)

Even in the new license sector, JenniferSoft maintained a market share of 34%, maintaining the top position as a market leader.

According to the APM market forecasts, from 2021 to 2022, the financial market and public market will leverage steady growth. Especially, the growth rate in the cloud market will be a positive factor in increasing revenues.

After reviewing this report, JenniferSoft concluded that its effort for customer satisfaction as well as quick technological development amidst the rapidly evolving IT market has been the driving force for maintaining the market leadership. JenniferSoft revealed its determination to work hard to maintain the position as a supplier of the top APM products while providing services necessary for customers in the market.


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