Jennifersoft, Shin Nihon System Technology join hands to start monitoring tool sales

jennifersoft japan Korea’s software developer, Jennifersoft Japan, launched a real-time performance monitoring tool (Jennifer) for advanced web service in Japan. Jennifersoft Japan and Shin Nihon System Technology announced strategic alliance as Shin Nihon System Technology became the largest distributor of Jennifer in the region. Jennifer is capable of discovering root causes of performance problems occurring in web server, unlike other existing monitoring solutions. Due to this strength, Jannifer has over-taken Korean APM majoirty market share since 2005. As demand for APM solution is also increases in Japan, Jennifersoft launches its business by cooperating with Shin Nihon System Technology . April 2nd, 2007 Nihon JyouhouSangyou NewsPaper (日本情報産業新聞 -