2007 JavaOne Conference Booth Established

JenniferSoft attended the world renowned software convention JavaOne Conference (http://java.sun.com/javaone) between May 8 ~ May 11, 2007 in San Francisco.



Amongst 92 booth established this year, JenniferSoft is the only Korean company to present a booth as an Exhibitor in this event in last 4 years. JenniferSoft has presented its newly upgraded Jennifer 3.x version for the first time as well as solidified its intention to enter into US (and the world) APM solution market through this event. The response to Jennifer 3.x at JavaOne Convention was overwhelmingly positive. Many audiences showed strong interest in Jennifer 3.x’s monitoring capability, its revolutionary monitoring concept and principle, and its intuitive and elegant X-View and dashboard screen.

Since its inception in 2005, JenniferSoft has conquered its competitors and overtaken #1 spot in Korean APM solution market share and it is currently deployed in 103 companies in Finance, Manufacturing, Communication, IT, and other major industries.

Also, early this year, JenniferSoft has established partnership with Samsung SDS, the SI branch of Samsung, as well as receive GS Certification of Excellence from Telecommunication Technology Association of Korea, ensuring Jennifer’s excellence in product design and customer service quality.

JenniferSoft plans to continue to lead the world APM solution market through progressive marketing and innovative product design and differentiating itself from other traditional APM solutions available today.