JenniferSoft and Empirix MOU Alliance

Korean APM Solution leader JenniferSoft and fast growing enterprise performance consulting and testing company Empirix has form a MOU alliance. JenniferSoft’s Jennifer is currently hold #1 market share in Korean APM solution market and currently preparing to enter the US and the world Market. Empirix, which has already established a US Branch with its flagship solution e-Load, is overtaking its US market share with its excellent product design and customer satisfaction in performance testing and consulting area.


The meeting of APM solution and performance testing solution is anticipated to bring tremendous benefit to clients from both sides as well as increase both side’s revenue and market share, as customers can receive all sorts of services regarding application performance testing/consulting and management, making this a one-stop shop for any performance related problems.

Also, relationship between the two companies extends further than just a MOU alliance. Both companies are planning to share and utilize the partnering vendors to effectively engage in channel sales thus increasing its market exposure and sales territory.

In case of Empirix’s e-Load, it is known for its 43.9% market share in Japan and has received the full endorsement of Hitachi Communication. Jennifer also has established Japanese Branch in fall 2006, and has started business talks with global companies such as Hitachi, Fujitsu, and others.

With its recent partnership with Empirix and its successful campaign in establishing its presence at JavaOne Convention in San Francisco, JenniferSoft expects success in entering US and the world APM solution Market in the future.