Realizing optimization of application performance through integrated monitoring system for Web Application Server(WAS)

‘Realizing optimization of application performance through integrated monitoring system for Web Application Server(WAS)’


Despite the new era of broadband globalization, many users are experiencing delayed response/download time while surfing the web. Slow service response time remains a problem on the web even for users with high-speed Internet connections and it is one of major reason for customer dissatisfaction and loss of customer for web stores and service providers. So why do website visitors experience slow service response time despite the dramatic improvement in internet connection speed and the latest WAS technology? The problem seems to stem from inadequately managed/optimized WAS environment. Because of this reason, APM (application performance management) solutions recently attracted a lot of attention for its ability to optimize system performance by assisting in the diagnosis of root-cause problem.

As market for e-commerce and other web services rapidly expand, fast response time and stable services are becoming key goal of the e-businesses. The demand for performance monitoring and optimization solutions are also increasing to meet such goals, creating new markets for APM solutions.

Korea’s leading performance monitoring and consulting company, Jennifersoft, successfully developed and launched integrated performance monitoring systems called ‘Jennifer’ in Korea. JenniferSoft Japan also launched its business and now provides services in Japan as well.

The director of JenniferSoft Japan, Suk Whan Oh stated that “Integrated APM solution market has rapidly expanded due to the high demand for optimization of WAS in Korea and U.S. Since 2007, such demand has increased in Japan as well.

Jennifer provides real-time monitoring capability to trace system critical information such as connect status and service status. It can also help users to manage system more stably through an integrated monitoring GUI (graphical user interface) function which can be used diagnosis WAS performance problems.

For example, in case of slow response time, you can predict and discover root-cause of problem through the GUI screen by confirming whether it occurred because of high access rate or inefficient SQL query of database. Jennifer’s such functionality differentiates itself with other common network monitoring solutions available.

Application scope of Jennifer covers not only operation management of monitoring and maintenance but also a testing and checking network status of WAS, load-balancing and others. That’s why many Korean companies and public organizations choose Jennifer as their APM solution (#1 market share in Korean APM market).

Although other APM solutions such as Japan’s CA Wily and Symantec i3 already exist, Japan will create much more opportunity in APM market as web application usage increases.

「Japan Information Industries And Markets News」 June 25th, 2007