"Effectiveness is important when you adopt web application management solution." –CEO of Jennifersoft Japan- By jennifer


” When you manage web application, the most important factor is to find out the problem immediately and to analyze its root causes. “

The CEO of Jennifersoft Japan, Oh Seok-whan points out the several required functions which are needed to the management tool of web application server.

” I’d like to suggest to use our user-friendly solution software in the Japanese market. “

Jennifersoft’s ‘Jennifer’ is a Java web-based application monitoring solution. Applications can be monitored by implementing agent software in WAS (Web Application Server) and collect such data into the other servers. A system manager can monitor the overall applications patterns by accessing to the server including data and through the Jennifer’s UI.

There are two great features about Jennifer. One is the user-friendly UI which shows the application status comprehensively through various graphs and charts in a screen. This function aims to notice the problem intuitively when problems happen.

Jennifer provides useful data including concurrent users/ Java process usage/ JDBC status/ response time per transaction, etc. In addition, user can set the saturate point in advance and indicates the point with various colors. You can also describe multiple application servers through a graph or chart.

Another advantageous feature is that Jennifer is less load on the monitored web application server. Jennifer uses UDP when it transmits the application information to Jennifer Server. Oh said that “The process transmitting application information in a real-time is load itself to a web application server. However, Jennifer is less load than other solutions which use TCP when it transmits data because Jennifer uses UDP which is free from the responses of the server.”

Jennifersoft established another productive partnership with Marubeni Solution again this time. Marubeni Solution announced to sell Jennifer in Japanese market from 29th June 2007. The price is start from 1.3 million yen.

*「ITpro」-2007/07/10 *