Microsoftware interview with ‘JenniferSoft, the only Korean company attending at JavaOne Conference in San Francisco’

As looking around many foreign companies’ booths, finally a reporter’s eyes sparkled after finding a familiar Korean face. He was Lee Wonyoung, CEO of JenniferSoft. JenniferSoft is a leading company in Korean APM (Application Performance Management) solution industry.

Although it is leading Korean APM market, size of the company is still small and cost to attend the conference might be a big burden. However I was surprised that all employees flew out to San Francisco to attend ‘2007 JavaOne Conference’. They said its business partners take responsibility for other tasks except technology development and support and that’s why they could attend the conference without any business loss.

Lee Wonyoung, a former CEO of Java community, has developed APM solution called ‘Jennifer’ and established JenniferSoft. Within 2 years, he has successfully secured 106 clients and takes the leader in Korean APM solution market. He said “Technology is a common language in the world. With cutting-edge technology, we expect that our technology is proved in the global market. And this conference will be a great opportunity for us to extend our business to America because we have a plan to establish a branch office in San Francisco”.

As he said, I wish JenniferSoft makes a pitch for its solution in the global market through its advanced technology.

PS: Company name, JSC.Inc changed to JenniferSoft.Inc in May, 2007. Currently, total 14 employees work in Korea, Japan and America. JenniferSoft has secured 123 clients until June, 2007.