A feature article on APM, [IT Service’s key, APM Solution] JeniiferSoft’s JENNIFER

JenniferSoft’s (CEO, Won-young, Lee) Jennifer is an application monitoring solution and it maintains leading position in the market with effective functions and user-friendly UI. Jennifer is highly preferred among engineers because it reflects engineer’s needs well. While most foreign APM solution tool was text-based, not an easy and simple graphic design and shows very complicated data, Jennifer provides simple and core performance data. This is the strongest competitiveness of Jennifer


Not only for WAS, Jennifer can also support system monitoring like CPUㆍNetworkㆍDisk, TP monitoring of TuxedoㆍTmax and DB monitoring and shows such data through a simple integrated dashboard.

JenniferSoft(Established after 2004) expands its business through 8 distributors such as ITPLUS,DIO, DAOU TECH, etc.

JenniferSoft attracted 145 of references by last October: 37 of financial organization including Kookmin Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, First Bank, Woori Bank, Hana Bank, 55 of public organization including National Tax Service, Korean Intellectual Property office, Korea Statistical National Office, Korea Railroad, 19 of manufacturing corporation including Samsung and LG electronics, 20 of distribution company including GS Home Shopping, CJ Home Shopping, InterPark and 12 of Telecom / IT company including SK-Telecom. Samsung SDS is currently using Jennifer as its strategic solution and LG CNS is also adopting Jennifer for its client tuning process.

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IT service’s key, APM solution] Rising IT solution-Jennifer! Application Performance Monitoring in Real-time… Prevent performance problem

Korea`s APM solution sales for the domestic market amounts to over 10 million dollars this year. In the next year, market size of this industry will grow by more than 30%. Many companies are now considering installation of APM solution.

In the last September, HTS (Home Trading System) of Korea Investment & Securities suffered from performance problem in accessing, ordering and account checking for one hour. Beside here, many banking systems including internet-banking face performance challenges due to sudden congestion. According to the performance experts, most industries suffer from performance problems not just for the financial sector in this year especially.

As these problems occur, the demands of APM solution are gradually increasing to prevent performance problem immediately through real-time monitoring about system service.

According to the research company, KRG, the market size of APM recorded about 12 million dollars only in this year andAPM solution emerged as a key IT solution by creating niche market.

Tmaxsoft defines APM covers not only WAS monitoring but also overall transaction monitoring of DB, WAS, Framework and application and estimates the market size will be 30 million dollars.

A researcher of KRG, Young-gu, Kang said “The important thing is not just APM solution industry’s increased market size from $ 8.8. million of last year to $ 10 million of this year but, APM solution developing companies expect more than 30% of market growth in 2008. He also added “People will have high interests on APM solution as problem management and determination industry develop.

People heard about APM when foreign solution introduced in 2003~2004 at first. At first, backup solution developing company, VERITAS jumped into the APM market after acquiring Precise Software Solutions. In addition, Mercury Interactive, Corp dealt with industry leading performance test solution, LoadRunner and system application-management solution, Topaz as another form of APM solution. The solution is current Symantec’s i3 (formerly VERITAS). Compuware Corp, also started to provide Vantage solution which can measure the speed of distributed application traffic and response time to the one of largest Korean bank, Industrial Bank of Korea (IBK). There was another outstanding solution called ‘Wily’ of Wily Technology in the U.S. Those solutions such as Veritas, Mercury and Wily are acquired by Symantec, HP and CA individually.

Of course, foreign solutions dominated Korean APM market, but system administrators want to get specific root-cause information about various kinds of problems. System developing engineer wants to use an auto-filtering function about error applications. Administrator needs statistical data such as the number of daily hits, concurrent users and statistically collected load data per each application service. However, existed numerous APM solutions failed to satisfy these user needs.

Most APM solution was considered just like a form of monitoring PC screen without useful functions and company’s administrators couldn’t feel the investment value of the solution. However, it is not true that the sales of APM solution and interests have not soared recently.

As time goes by, APM has evolved from performance monitoring tool of point unit to integrated monitoring solution of overall applications and becoming key module of ITSM and BSM.

Korean developing company, JenniferSoft leads the APM industry with user-friendly UI and useful function of its solution and Tmaxsoft also started to participation APM market on the back of successful WAS and Framework business.

CA which acquired Wily (APM solution) pursues APM solution as a main business supporting ITSM and SOA and HP that acquired Mercury suggests it as a center axis in the enterprise business. Solution companies watch APM is not a simple point solution but core solution supporting enterprise business in the IT environment.

CEO of HP Korea, Young-jin, Park said “Amid fierce M&A wars waged among securities companies, stock trades has soared and administrators pay attention carefully to the performance problem of their systems. Needs for APM solution is increasing gradually because if such problem occurred, their reliability would be damaged besides financial losses.”

APM is not only used for operating stage. Manager of Borland Korea, Myoung-a, Jo said “ System administrators useAPM in the operating process to monitor and determine errors after developing applications but this process can trigger system load itself and not cost-effective way. He added “Due to such ineffectiveness, engineers working at the test and tuning level ask APM solution introduction to optimize system management. In Korean IT industry, it is big changing that increasing demand of APM solution to verify system development quality rather emphasizing speed and due date.

Manager of Compuware Korea, Nae-seok, Park said “Booming APM business means companies which focused on only system development and introduction start to take care business aspect. He added “As the range of single solution is diversifying, the perspective of company on IT system is changing. Reporter, Jung-wha, Huh nikah@