IBM ISV interview - JenniferSoft, its continuous attempt and accomplishment.

SV interview with JenniferSoft

“JenniferSoft pursues continuous changes and attempts like advanced research culture of IBM.” Here is an amazing success story that a small software developing company has achieved sales of $ 35million and attracted 137 customers in various sectors for the consecutive 3 years with only 13 workers. This company is JenniferSoft and let’s take a closer look at its challenge and experimental sprite.


The #1 APM solution developing company for the consecutive 3 years in Korean APM industry, Only 13 workers including Korea, Japan and U.S office, Achieving $3.5 million annual sales, Acquired 137 clients(by 30th Sep, 2007). –Such words are for JenniferSoft and such success story is created by only one solution called ‘Jennifer’.

In this year, JenniferSoft has changed many things and is trying to create a new business opportunity in the global market. Company name was changed from ‘Java Service Consulting’ into ‘JenniferSoft’. Japanese business has started since September, 2006 and U.S office was also established in this year. In addition, office interior of headquarter was remodeled following such changes.

There are meaningful messages about why they changed company name. At first, they changed it to emphasize their solution, Jennifer and to give more corporate business images or impacts on the company name because actually the company started from community-based business model. One more, it is needed to have easy and familiar company name to be remembered in the global market.

As many people know, JenniferSoft is established based on community called Javaservice Net ( CEO of JenniferSoft, Won-young, Lee has shared his technical information with colleges through intra-net when he worked in LG CNS and managed the community site after moving the job to IBM Korea. He is well known in Korean Java developers because he created new culture in the community by sharing and providing information among them. Background of Jennifer development was also based on the community site. Because, at first, he opened JDF (Java Development Framework) project and conducted performance consulting using Jennifer within community even though it was not completely opened source.

JenniferSoft’s creative office (Above Picture), Wall board (Below Picture)

JenniferSoft reflects Mr. Lee’s such progressive sprite well. Business strategy or management concept of JenniferSoft is to become a compact global corporation with small but most professional company members and of course they have creativity and independent decision making capability.

Therefore, working style and office atmosphere is very flexible. Like visiting internet café, the office room is opened for free communication without partition and encourage having brainstorming meeting in any time and any where by using colorful glass board surrounding all walls. Mr. Lee talked about IBM’s R&D center as one of his role model. He talked about his experience when he visited overseas research center in a thick forest when he worked at IBM Korea. At that time, he saw free-style of working environment in the center IBM and it was so impressive to him. He said he believed free communication is the key factor of the successful global company and that’s why JenniferSoft pursues such working environment and working style.

Brainstorming traces to give a name of new solution, Eccluse(Above) and Eccluse Demo(Below)

JenniferSoft has cooperated with IBM since Aug, 2006. However, joint technical test and business cooperation is already started before August because Jennifer is operated under IBM’s Websphere. Currently, JenniferSoft and IBM are continuously collaborating to promote their home and abroad business.

On November, JenniferSoft plans to launch new solution, Eccluse. Ecluse is cutting edge User Interface developed by 3D technology and designed to show various data monitored by Jennifer. The name, Eccluse have cyber feelings and images from 3D technology and one of members suggested the name in the process of brainstorming. Moreover, JenniferSoft will attend at ‘2007 CMG Conference’ which will be held on December 2nd through 7th in San Diego, California and will compete with other big APM global companies. I expect their continuous challenges and attempts in the global IT industry.