NEC exhibits JENNIFER at ‘2008 NEC Chinese Taipei Solution Fair’

NEC Chinese Taipei Solution Fair 2008

May 29, 2008 at Taipei Sheraton Hotel

JENNIFER attended NEC SOLUTION FAIR 2008. JenniferSoft (CEO-Andy, Lee) which acquired 70% of market shares and positioned as the largest APM provider in Korea over the 3 consecutive years, exhibited at NEC TAIWAN SOLUTION FAIR in 29th May.

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The 2008 NEC TAIWAN SOLUTION FAIR exhibited major NEC product-lines with a notable expansion in the areas of IT technology. As one of main partners, NEC exhibited JENNIFER as well and JENNIFER attracts more than 1000 visitors.

Based on very positive feedback, a lot of end users in Taiwan have expressed that the quality of the product and the level of conference activity is wonderful. Especially, numerous visitors from government and public area asked trial version of JENNIFER to adopt it. JenniferSoft will work diligently to announce our product quality not only in the U.S market but also Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and other Asian market. We owe a special thank you to all our visitors whose generosity made the conference possible

*About NEC

NEC Corporation is a Japanese multinational IT company headquartered in Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan. NEC, part of the Sumitomo Group, provides information technology (IT) and network solutions to business enterprises, communications services providers and government. The company was formerly known as Nippon Electric Company, Limited, before it was renamed in 1983. It still goes by the full name in Japan. As a chip maker, NEC Semiconductors is among the Worldwide Top 20 Semiconductor Sales Leaders. NEC’s business is divided into the three principal segments: IT Solutions, Network Solutions and Electronic Devices. The IT Solutions business delivers computing solutions to business enterprises, government and individual customers in the form of software, hardware and related services. The Network Solutions business designs and provides broadband network systems, mobile and wireless communications network systems, mobile handsets, broadcast and other systems. NEC’s Electronic Devices business includes semiconductors, displays and other electronic components. NEC produces Versa notebooks for the international market and the Lavie series for Japanese market.