JENNIFER2.5, Interpark Book(Online Book Store)

Book(Online Book Store)

Reported by Hae Kyoung, Lee I 09.23.2008

“Seamless Web Service with real-time monitoring tool, JENNIFER


Interpark Book has been a famous online book store in Korea, attracting a lot of customers by launching free book delivery service since 2003 and it ranks 1st among other internet book stores in Korea. On December of 2006, Interpark Book department within Interpark was separated into an independent business area with its own web system. Interpark Book Corporation adopted JENNIFER 2.5 in 2005 and has served more stable customer service by preventing future performance errors by monitoring with retime monitoring solution, JENNIFER.

Interpark Book Corporation has become a market leader within just one year after starting free delivery service(Even though a customer orders a book). In addition, it created marketing strategy which guarantees one day delivery of product. Because of those reasons, Interpark Book corporation maintains its position still now. It recorded $19.7 million of average sales and reached at $200 million.

“Smart JENNIFER –Error Determination and Analysis in Real-time”

Interpark was selected as the best online book store in the last year and awarded “Super Brand” for three years in Korea Brand Olympic. Online book store must provide not only exact and speedy delivery offline service but also seamless web service. Those two main factors, specially stable website increases customer loyalty. The stable web service management also contributes to increase sales because a customer choose a product, purchase and pay the money on the website. Mi-young Kim, marketing manage of Interpark said “We sometimes records until $1 billion of sales a day. If our web system stops, that means we lost a considerable amount of money. She emphasized that how the stability of web system is important for online business.

Interpark Book adopted JENNIFER in the first half of 2005 to detect the performance problem in its web system in real-time. APM tool like JENNIFER was one of the must-have items for Interpark Book which does business on the website. A manager of IT Support Team Interpark Book, Jun-hee, Gi said “We adopted JENNIFER because it is evaluated as #1 solution in APM market and provides reliable technical support and maintenance service. After installing JENNIFER, we are managing our web system with great satisfaction because,JENNIFER reduces system downtime and minimizes management risk by monitoring future problems and providing automatic alert function. It can also collect quantified data and that help user to forecast system capacity before increasing system size. As a result, JENNIFER reduces TCO.” He added “Now, we can trace certain application which have poor performance in real-time due to JENNIFER. JENNIFER is really needed for system engineers and we can finally improve system stability of our web system for end user.

“Easy and Powerful Solution, JENNIFER


Interpark Book selected some unique features of JENNIFER. That is JENNIFER’s real-time monitoring and transaction profiling function. User can monitor current service status with the number of visit user, concurrent user throughput and resource data offered by JENNIFER. In addition, JENNIFER profiles all executed application or active services in real-time.

JENNIFER dashboard is also customizable, that means user can customize the dashboard with his/her preferences just clicking 3 times.”

Moreover, JENNIFER has response time scatter graph, called X-View which shows each transaction’s specific profiling data with a single view. Therefore, user can easily determine which transaction has bad response time and poor performance. Enterpark Book also emphasizes anyone can uses JENNIFER without special education because JENNIFER is simply configured.

“Real-time Management Available in case of high traffic”

Jun-hee, Gi, IT Support Team Manager of Interpark Book

APM is specially important when we take about it in the online market, having high traffic concentration. Customer may move to other site if they feel unstable web service. Of course, this will result in drop in sales. To prevent such situation, we need JENNIFER because JENNIFER can detect and prevent the future error and problem by tracing bad performance. Even a performance problem occurs, engineer can solve it because JENNIFER provides root cause of the problem. We saved our risk management cost with JENNIFER.

Why did you choose JENNIFER among other APM tools? It’s safe to say everyone knows the brand value of JENNIFER in the market because about 5200 trial licenses have been downloaded over the three years. I think JENNIFER reflects engineers requests well. It traces all applications and provides user-friendly interface. In addition, JENNIFER have high performance for enterprise environment.

What about the IT environment of online book store? IT investment for online stores means competitiveness. New systems500 are required to increase service and sales. That’s why online stores invest a lot of money into IT. Recently a certain online store had suffered from security problem, so I expect internet business operations like us will invest continuously in IT including security area. ■Organization: Interpark Book

Case Study

■Problem: Lack of real-time monitoring when performance problem occurred

■Solution: Adopted WAS performance monitoring solution, JENNIFER2.5, diagnosed bottlenect point and analyzed the problem in real-time.

■Strategy: Considering upgrading service into JENNIFER 4.0