Prudential Corporation Asia APM Case Study

JenniferSoft has released a new case study sharing how JENNIFER has helped Prudential Corporation Asia has to takes customer service up to the next level.

Prudential Corporation Asia abandoned its existing APM and introduced JENNIFER in 2007.


JenniferSoft’s JENNIFER provided on one screen performance indicators that were intuitive and visually rich. Real-time monitoring and single transaction trace capabilities provide instantaneous fault detection feedback needed for operational environment monitoring to the operator, making it possible to reduce system downtime dramatically.

Mr. Rhu explained, “through JENNIFER’s intuitive dashboard, colorful graphics, and customized screens you can see the entire WAS system from a single monitor, and because it allows you to respond to performance problems and error conditions in real-time, you can’t help but like it. This is why we decided to leave Wiley and go with JENNIFER again.”

Additionally, the JENNIFER agent is designed to have minimum impact on the system, and the core performance numbers needed for monitoring (number of concurrent users, number of short- and long-term users, active services, TPS, response times, etc.) are provided in real-time. Such real-time monitoring capabilities and single transaction monitoring provided the operators the needed real-time environment for fault detection, enabling them to reduce downtime of operational systems.

Mr. Rhu said that in the early stages after the introduction of APM, they “approached it as a means of using the DB properly. Currently, though, APM is used not only for DB performance management, but also for monitoring systems across Prudential Corporation Asia, including WAS, customer service, and internal management systems.”