JenniferSoft and Encore announced on the 30th that they will provide

From the left to the right, we have Shimcheon branch head of Encore, Mr. Jang Daryang, JenniferSoft overseas business president, Mr. Shin Gwang Cheol, Encore China information commission corporate head, Kingdee vice president, Ms. Shangwhihong and Kingdee system integration manager.


Encore(CEO Lee Hwa Shik) and JenniferSoft (CEO Andy Lee) announced on the 30th that they will provide system performance management servicer for China’s big ERP solution provider, Kingdi(CEO Seo Ho Chun).

Encore’s data consulting service and JenniferSoft’s application performance management solution, JENNIFER are combined into this system performange management service that will be supplied to 1 million customer companies through 134 branches of Kingdee. With the main office located in Shimcheon China, Kingdee is a company that operates branches in Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan. Beside the ERP, it provides the CRM and the BPM services. At present, it is the larges IT service provider in China that has about 1 million customer companies.

Based on the data consulting service, Encore deals with about 20 domestic partners and 30 customers. In past May, it received an order for the Chinese insurance reporting project based on Oz from 4CS a Korean solution provider.

As Encore enters the contarct with Kingdee, it will begin to use JENNIFER from JenniferSoft to provide consulting and technical service to gurantee the ERP product performance. In addition, it will mount JENNIFER in the middleware owned by Kingdee called Apusic, as the basic package supplied to all the products sold in the future.

Mr. Lee Hwa Shin, CEO of Encore said, “This contract is a major milestone in that we are able to suggest a new model for overseask market explorations,” and added, “ with data consulting compettiiveness, Encore will cerate a new business model for Chinese companies and play the main role as the center of exploring the overseas market with domestic S/W.”

Mr. Shin Gwang Cheol, Jennifer overseas business president said “ Having JENNIFER in the Chinese middleware will be the key to gurantee the success of our business in China.”