JENNIFER 5 launch

The JenniferSoft ( states that it would launch its new application performance management (APM) solution, the JENNIFER V5.

5-4-1실시간 업무단위(비즈니스별) 대시보드

The JENNIFER is the APM solution that controls complicated and multiple IT systems with an application server as its central figure. The JENNIFER V5 extends the existing APM areas into monitoring, individual transaction, architecture, platform and view.

It is capable of monitoring large-scale transaction in more effective way. Its newly designed transaction processing technology allows users to monitor both large-scale transaction and individual transaction in lightweight and real-time bases.

The JENNIFER identifies a service delay or an error to provide user-friendly information such as RUM and Real User Monitoring. Users will be able to measure response time of entire area from browser to server through the JENNIFER RUM. They could also easily check the processing status of server, network and client through response time graph of application section.

The Real Time Topology View provides visibility towards application transaction. The RTTV provides multiple transactions such as user request, WAS, database, or transaction flowing into various external system.