Analysis and Forecast of Application Performance Management Market 2015-2016

APM REPORT 2015~2016

This purpose of this report is to forecast the market outlook for the year of 2015/2016 and predict the technology trends based on the survey and analysis on the scale and trends in the APM (application performance management) market for the year of 2013/2014. In addition, this report includes a detailed analysis on the market share by vendor and by industry for the year of 2014.

JENNIFER Soft keeps taking the No. 1 spot

JENNIFER Soft, the leader in the WAS APM market, had launched JENNIFER 5, an APM solution, in the first half of the previous year to secure more customers. In addition, they made the UI component of the HTML5-based JENNIFER available to developers in an open source library, making its adoption more convenient. JENNIFER Soft is maintaining its dominance in the market. The company, which took a 66% market share with high growth in the APM market in the previous year, has held on to the No. 1 spot since it entered the APM market in 2009.

The dominance of JENNFER Soft in the APM market indicates that demand for the fundamental role of WAS APM, which can be described as the stabilization of application service through prompt analysis of the causes of application performance failures, is steadily growing. Total sales in the WAS APM sector increased slightly last year, demonstrating that WAS APM is the main player in the APM market.

In other words, the EUM or BTM is not offset against the WAS monitoring market. Instead, the APM market has been divided according to customers’ needs, and each division of the APM market coexists independently. Therefore, even if EUM monitoring takes the leading role in the APM market in the future, this growth in the EUM monitoring market is not expected to adversely affect the WAS monitoring market.

In summary, as companies still place importance on the role of WAS monitoring for the seamless operation of applications, the issue of integration does not seem to be dragging down the sales of WAS APM. Instead, WAS APM and EUM APM appear to have formed a separate market, and coexist together.

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