‘MARUBENI SOLUTION’ has started to provide web application real time monitoring solution, ‘Jennifer’Performance monitoring solution for web application, ‘Jennifer’ pushes into Japanese APM market.

MARUBENI SOLUTION (MSOL) signed a supply contract with Jennifersoft.

MSOL signed an agreement that it will start providing performance monitoring solution for web application server, Jennifer, in Japan by contracting with Korean major APM solution developer, Jennifersoft (CEO, Oh Suk-whan).

「Jennifer」is real-time APM (Application Performance Management) solution used to monitor and analyze the performance problem occurred in web application server. It can assist in solving performance problem by providing specific information such as error detail, delayed response time and bottleneck problem analysis. Therefore Jennifer can bring significant benefits by saving human resource, maintaining system stability and providing quick responsive measures. Unlike existing solutions, Jennifer can comprehensively monitor and analyze several web applications through real-time service and integrated screen. Furthermore, it provides more detailed information of error to discover root-cause problem in class/method unit easily.

Jennifer is consisted of two modules such as Jennifer Agent and Jennifer Server. Jennifer agent is connected with each server and collects data from the server and then, sends it to Jennifer server. Jennifer server analyzes and records such in real-time data. You can see the data from Jennifer server through web browser (more than Internet 6.0).

Main features of Jennifer are to be followed.

1. Real time comprehensive monitoring service

You can monitor each task system per unit through an integrated screen. If a performance problem occurs, Jennifer sends a alert massage to a manager.

2. Diagnosis of error and analyzing root cause of performance problem

Jennifer systematically analyzes type of error and root cause of performance problem occurred in web application. Then, it provides accurate data to client to prevent the problem.

3. Control overload

If overloading occurs in application, Jennifer automatically control overloading and prevent system downtime. To prevent all possibility of overloading, Jennifer monitors server every second without rest.

4. Tracking application/SQL query

Jennifer provides tracking service of response time of processed application per class/method unit and CPU activity (operating time). It also finds out which module has a bottleneck problem.

5. Predicting system capacity and analyzing its movement

Jennifer predicts system capacity by adjusting recorded overloading data such as the number of visitor per hour/day, maximum number of user during peak time, the number of active user, CPU activity, memory activity, processing time per hour/day.

The price of JENNIFER starts from ¥ 1.3 million. MSOL expects it will reach at ¥100 million of sales in the first year and ¥200 million in the nest year. Company’s name and product which mentioned in this article is a registered trade mark. Product price and its form shall be changed without reference.

【About Jennifersoft】

Jennifersoft,INC has developed a solution that can monitor and solve the performance problem based on ‘Performance Theory’ studied by performance analyzing experts. Through enough experiences with performance problem consulting, it successfully has provided professional know-how about performance management, error diagnosis, system tuning and a system architecture building task for system capability, stability and scalability which is needed in enterprising web system operation. Jennifersoft is a global IT solution developer in Korea, Japan and the U.S.  . Jennifersoft: http://www.jennifersoft.com

【About MSOL】

As an IT solution provider, MSOL (MARUBENI SOLUTION, INC) is one of subsidiary of MARUBENI. It provides IT-based various solutions into various industries including computer network, machine design, semi-conductor design and its manufacturing, electronic parts and other SI solution

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MSOL sales division of IT solution department: 03-5778-8712

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MARUBENI SOLUTION, INC.: http://www.msol.co.jp

Product page: http://www.msol.co.jp/it/jennifer

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The system which supported by Jennifer agent and Jennifer server: http://release.nikkei.co.jp/attach.cfm?attID=0163813_02.jpg

「Japan Information Industries And Markets News」」 June 29th, 2007 Source: http://release.nikkei.co.jp/detail.cfm?relID=163813&lindID=1

[Press Release] MSOL and Web application performance management/analyzing software ’Jennifer’

MSOL has started to provide real-time performance management solution ’Jennifer’ on 29th June in Japan. ‘Jennifer’ has developed by Korean S/W company, Jennifersoft. It can monitor web application movement under the operating system such as Window, Linux and UNIX. ‘Jennifer’ also has features including error diagnosis, analyzing capacity of root cause of performance problem, overload control, application and SQL query tracking , system capacity predicting and analyzing its movement function.

MSOL said Jennifer provides specific data to discover problem cause of web application tuning and delayed response time. Therefore Jennifer can bring huge benefits by saving human resource, maintaining system stability and providing quick responsive measures to enterprises.

MSOL expects it will reach at ¥100 million of sales in the first year and ¥200 million in the nest year. 29th June, 2007 http://japan.zdnet.com Source: http://japan.zdnet.com/news/devsys/story/0,2000056182,20351949,00.htm?tag=z.keyword.st