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Jennifersoft offers its APM software, JENNIFER, to small and middle-sized SI firms for free.

Jennifersoft (CEO: Andy Lee) is offering its APM software, JENNIFER, for free from March 20 when small and middle-sized SI firms are in the process of development and testing for their external projects.

JENNIFER is the number one software in the APM industry. There are over 1,200 clients across the globe. The software received the SW quality Grand Prize from the Prime Minister in 2015 and the SW Grand Prize from the President in 2016. JENNIFER is valuable for both operators and developers. In particular, developers are able to use it under different developing environments as it offers meaningful features. Ranging from development to operation, users can detect any errors on the server by installing the software on their developing server.

Jennifersoft has continued to be a leader in the domestic APM market over the past 12 years, and our product has received a lot of love from our customers. While agonizing over how to contribute to build the virtuous cycle ecosystem, we decided to offer the JENNIFER license without charge when small and middle-sized SI firms are in the process of development and testing for their external projects.

While going through the economic downturn at home and abroad, small and middle-sized SI firms are not able to develop fully due to a limited budget. We will support developers under this project to use JENNIFER without experiencing any economic inconvenience.

We would love to see JENNIFER playing a meaningful role in enhancing the developing environment, communicating between development and operation, and ultimately becoming actual support in SI projects.

By keenly listening to feedback from our customers, Jennifersoft is trying to build a virtuous cycle system in which what customers need can lead to actual development.

With regard to detailed information on trying JENNIFER, please contact our sales team.

Subject: external projects held by SI firms

Duration: while project is in progress (from development to testing)

Jennifersoft Sales Team: sales.ko@jennifersoft.com; 070-7006-9955

Sales Executive, Gwangchul-Shin: 010-2584-2393 chris@jennifersoft.com

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