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Jennifersoft achieved the largest market share in the APM market with sales of 27.2 billion won in 2016.

Jennifersoft led the APM market last year, with its largest market share. Moreover, the end user experience market, which has been through a slump, was seen to make progress.

A research center in collaboration with the Daily Grid newspaper carried out the APM market survey of related companies and public organizations via on-site, phone, and paper-based enquiries from March 5 2017 to April 10 2017. According to the survey, the total APM market in 2016, including WAS monitoring and EUM sales, was recorded at 27.2 billion, an increase of 6.2 percent on the 25.6 billion won in 2015. As the sales increased last year, the total came close to that of 2014.

As of 2016, the total sales of new licenses on WAS monitoring software was 19.8 billion won in terms of end users. This was 6.1 percent less than the record 20.25 billion won in 2015. It appeared that companies were reluctant to make investments in the IT industry as they experienced an economic downturn. Jennifersoft led the WAS APM market with its 64 percent market share. WAS monitoring plays a pivotal role in helping companies’ applications operate smoothly. For this reason, sales of Jennifersoft and its position in the market are solid. While competitors continue to appear, the company is strengthening its market position by investing more in WAS monitoring. Its monitoring allows users to control large capacity data smoothly.

Meanwhile, the EUM market, including the BTM market, has escaped from depression. As of 2016, the EUM market recorded 8.64 billion won in terms of new licenses, an increase of 61 percent compared to 5.35 billion won in 2015.

Daily Grid Jang, Young-sin

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